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Coming Together Through Music

Teaching Philosophy

Music is powerful. It is able to move, soothe, comfort, and inspire when words and people fall short. At Upbeat Music Academy, we want to inspire and teach a love of music. We genuinely care about the success of the students. We strive to be compassionate, engaging, and encouraging. We believe in giving each student the opportunity to succeed through performing at recitals, piano festivals, and competitions. Our goal is to help each student become the best musician and human that they can be by respecting each one of them and helping them develop their full potential.

Meet the Teacher


Ashley Rogers is a classical and jazz pianist, and a music educator. She is the owner and founder of Upbeat Music Academy located in Farmington, Utah. She is also a proud wife and mother of three delightful children.


As an educator, Ashley has been teaching the piano for over 20 years and loves seeing the joy that music brings to her students. She has taught students ranging from 5 to 80-years-old. She has experience teaching in both group and private settings. Ashley loves watching her students succeed in piano and how the work ethic and practice learned through music lessons helps to shape and mold other aspects of their lives. 


As a pianist, Ashley loves to share her love of music with others. She enjoys collaborating with other musicians. She studied piano performance with Dr. Ralph Van der Beek, piano pedagogy with Dr. Yu-Jane Yang, and Jazz with Dr. Dan Jonas at Weber State University. She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts - Music with an emphasis in Keyboard Pedagogy and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Weber State University. She is a member of the Music National Teachers Association and the Utah Music Teachers Association.


Ashley enjoys traveling with her family, especially to the ocean and to cheer on her San Francisco 49ers.

Wooden Piano

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